[OSXPPC] UPDATE - v2.02-1 Released

A small update to the experimental OS X PPC build is now available, smoothing out a few rough edges:

  • Game scale now defaults to 1x for better performance
    • If you liked the 2x scale in the previous build, press F1 to toggle back to it
  • Fixed bad mouse mapping under 2x scale
  • OS cursor is now used instead of the game's soft cursor
    • Because performance is still an issue and having the cursor lag behind is annoying
  • Close button and ⌘Q now map to ESC instead of nothing

Performance is still an issue, but I hope the 1x scale option makes things a bit more tolerable. I tried a number of different rendering techniques for this update, but they were either incompatible with the Quartz driver, or resulted in severe issues (intense flashing, game running too fast, etc). I'm starting to believe Allegro 4.2's port to OS X just never ran all too great, as even the examples that ship with it perform similarly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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80 days ago

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That's pretty cool! I still have an original MacBook1,1 (so i386 and came with Mac OS X 10.4 from the factory), I think it should be able to run PPC binaries using Rosetta.

For scaling up to 2x, I'm sure you can get the scaling mostly "for free" in terms of CPU usage by using OpenGL for the scaling. Not sure how easy that would be to integrate with Allegro, though.

Yeah, allegrogl is something I could *probably* look into, but the thought of mucking about with that on an underpowered G3 + OS X 10.2 scares me haha